• thank you for the good care, the masterbedroom was lovely, everything ws complete, thanks
  • Séjours trés reposant, accueil tres chaleureux, chambre trés comfortable, petit dejeunernoe trés copieux
  • We really enjoyed our stay in this B&B. Thank you for your great hospitality.
  • Had a good breakfast and now on the way for our second part on the bike throught the polders of the Alblasserwaard: Lets go to the Kinderdijk Windmills!!
  • We were looking for a low-allergen accomodation; Smooth surfaces, synthetic bedding; Bed and breakfast Margriethof is the place for us ;o)
  • Thank you that we could stay in your beautiful house. Chüss
  • The masterbedroom is spacious, nicely decorated and in all modern comfort. The breakfast was fine. When I have to work again in the neighbourhood I really like to sleep here again.
Cafe Restaurant de Krom

In the heart of the Alblasserwaard polders, in a bend part of the river Alblas, you can find a tavern known as 'Nel in de Krom'.

The cafe orginates from around the eightteen-sixties; It looks like time stood still,  a lot farmers antiques and historical pictures are hung on the walls bringing you back in time....

There is a fantastic terrace at the waterfront and you can have lunch, dinner or on a hot day a cool beer during your trip throught the Alblasserwaard polders.

  • Cafe Restaurant de Krom
  • Oosteinde 6, Oud Alblas
  • Tel 0184 - 69 12 82, Fax 0184 - 69 14 96
  • Website www.dekrom.info/li>