• Thank you for the late-night checkin and early breakfasts during my stay. I really come back some day...
  • Thank you for this nice welcome. Nice place, beautiful paintings and a lovely room. Thank you for your hospitality.
  • During this 3-day course in this area it was great to come 'home'. I really enjoyed my stay at B&B margriethof
  • Very good bed and breakfast with a sympathetic host. Thank you for the valuable tips, good luck!
  • The masterbedroom is spacious, nicely decorated and in all modern comfort. The breakfast was fine. When I have to work again in the neighbourhood I really like to sleep here again.
  • thank you for the good care, the masterbedroom was lovely, everything ws complete, thanks
  • Only staying for one night; Nice rooms have all modern comfort. Thank you.
Timetable Waterbus winter (oct-apr) Timetable Waterbus winter (oct-apr) Timetable Waterbus winter (oct-apr) Timetable Waterbus winter (oct-apr) Timetable Waterbus winter (oct-apr) Timetable Waterbus winter (oct-apr) Timetable Waterbus winter (oct-apr)

Waterbus offers regular services between nearby cities and Rotterdam, also in the evenings and weekends;

Winter timetable Waterbus (Oktober till April)

Remarks: This is a shortened version of the waterbus timetables. The first mentioned time is the estimated time of departure from Dordrecht or Papendrecht, the second mentioned time is the last departure to Dordrecht/Papendrecht. All times are simplified to keep a good overview;

Papendrecht - Dordrecht v.v.*

Veerplein Papendrecht to Merwekade Dordrecht

  • Monday till Friday - every quarter from 6:37 till 21:00
  • Thursdays till 21:45
  • Saturday every quarter from 7:37 till 20:00
  • Sunday every quarter from 9:37 till 18:45

Rotterdam - Papendrecht - Dordrecht v.v.*

Willemsplein Rotterdam - Westeind Papendrecht - Merwekade Dordrecht

  • Monday till Friday - every half an hour from 6:00 till 20:00
  • Saturday - every hour from 7:00 till 20:00
  • Sunday - Every hour from 10:00 till 19:00
* as it is, no rights can be derrived

At www.waterbus.nl you can see real-time information where the ships are, latest news, pricing, download the printable waterbus timetables and get the waterbus app for your smarthone.