• Thank you that we could stay in your beautiful house. Chüss
  • During this 3-day course in this area it was great to come 'home'. I really enjoyed my stay at B&B margriethof
  • Very good bed and breakfast with a sympathetic host. Thank you for the valuable tips, good luck!
  • Thank you for the late-night checkin and early breakfasts during my stay. I really come back some day...
  • ... Like i wrote before...  I'll be back if I have to work again in the city of Dordrecht...
  • Only staying for one night; Nice rooms have all modern comfort. Thank you.
  • I was extremely pleased during my stay at B&B margriethof ; In these 4 months you made all effords to give that home feeling
Biesbosch trails Biesbosch trails

At Biesbosch national parc you can bike or walk endless over the Dutch dykes and through the wetlands with cane fields and more. Pure enjoyment amidst nature

The shorter walkingtrails can be found near the visitors centre Biesbosch in Dordrecht and near the Biesbosch museum Werkendam which is nearby. Some of them can be a combination with a boatrip trough these beautiful Biesbosch wetlands.

  • Griendmuseumpad, 4,8km
  • De kleine Noorwaard, 4,8km
  • Helpolder route, 4km
  • De pannenkoek / the pancake,  2km
  • Moldieproute, 3km
  • Zuilespolder route, 2,5km

Bicycle trails can be found throughout the island of Dordrecht and around the Biesbosch museum in Werkendam. Tip! Visit the wonderfull exhibition in Biesbosch museum with real-life mock-ups of life in Biesbosch in the past 100 years and a interactive scale-model about the plans of giving reclaimed land back to nature.

We have a beautiful map of Alblasserwaard, isle of Dordrecht and brochures of all kinds of trails; For bikers the map also has the numbered dots. With these numbered dots, which corresponds in real life green-white roadsigns, you can locate yourself on the map AND you can make your own cycle-route through this beautiful area.