• The masterbedroom is spacious, nicely decorated and in all modern comfort. The breakfast was fine. When I have to work again in the neighbourhood I really like to sleep here again.
  • Séjours trés reposant, accueil tres chaleureux, chambre trés comfortable, petit dejeunernoe trés copieux
  • Very good bed and breakfast with a sympathetic host. Thank you for the valuable tips, good luck!
  • Only staying for one night; Nice rooms have all modern comfort. Thank you.
  • We enjoyed our stay in Papendrecht and surroundings. We appreciate the care and will recommend this B&B by our friends. Beste wishes
  • thank you for the good care, the masterbedroom was lovely, everything ws complete, thanks
Delfshaven (1389) Delfshaven (1389) Delfshaven (1389) Delfshaven (1389) Delfshaven (1389)

This small village (1389) was a sattelite post of Delft based around the locks along river nieuwe Maas. Delft didn't have a open connection to the sea, so with this sattelite post they avoided tolls being levied by the neighbouring and competing city of Rotterdam.

Fishing, shipbuilding and the distillery of jenever were the main sources of income. The Dutch East India Company, had important wharfs and warehouses in Delfshaven, and one of the company's most famous commanders, Piet Hein, was born (1577) here. In the end the Dutch East India Company went bankrupted and the local economy collapsed, dragging everyone in poverty.


In July 1620 a group of people left with the sailingship Speedwell from Delfshaven to have a rendez-vous with another ship near Southampton named Mayflower.

Delfshaven nowadays

Unlike her glorydays there are no harbor or shipping operations anymore in Delfshaven. Along the quays you find several small and cosy shops, the Pelgrim-church, nice restaurants & bars.