• Only staying for one night; Nice rooms have all modern comfort. Thank you.
  • Beautifull surroundings, a fine place to sleep and a good breakfast. To be repeated with a longer stay.
  • Thank you for the late-night checkin and early breakfasts during my stay. I really come back some day...
  • Had a good breakfast and now on the way for our second part on the bike throught the polders of the Alblasserwaard: Lets go to the Kinderdijk Windmills!!
  • We enjoyed our stay in Papendrecht and surroundings. We appreciate the care and will recommend this B&B by our friends. Beste wishes
  • We were warmly welcomed and you told us a lot about the  Alblasserwaard. polders and  Dordrecht; Now we are really curious! Thank you for your hospitality and we definatly come back another time!
Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk Grote Kerk

Not only the imposing architecture but also the monuments, chapels and the choir stalls of Grote kerk (Our Dear Lady Church). This church is one of the most important monuments of Dordrecht

The interior of the church is known for his choral banks in early Renaissance style, made from 1538 to 1541. The panels above the seats and the misericordes are meticulously carved with biblical and secular performances. The opulent marble and brass choir screen dates from 1744, the equally lavish pulpit from 1756.

The church is decorated with neo-Gothic stained glass windows, some of which display the various episodes in the history of Dordrecht.

The clocktower

The construction of the tower was begun early 14th century and was up to 324 feet, then the tower began to sag and to swing. A  150 feet high spire on top of the tower would be disastrous.

Visitors information

The church and clocktower can be visited by individuals from april till october. The 275 stairs climb is rewarded with a magnificent panorama view.
  • website www.grotekerk-dordrecht.nl